06.12.06 - Berkeley  

This entry's song: Immigrant Punk (Gogol Bordello, Gypsy Punks).

I think most of you ("you" as in my massive following who check this site several times per day) know that I'm planning on moving down to Berkeley later this summer. So right now my friend Nate and I are beginning our search for housing. So far it is proving to be a difficult search. We're looking for a place that is located within a few blocks of campus, that is wheelchair accessible or easy enough to make so, that costs less than around $1400/month, and that generally seems like a cool place to live. These criteria really limit our search results. What few hits we do get on such web searches as craigslist.com or Calrentals have thus far all been eliminated by their stairs and lack of elevators. I guess we'll keep searching. . .

Fortunately, and oddly too, Nate lives in an house that meets all of these criteria right now. It was outfitted to work for a quadraplegic, it's only $550/person/month, and it is pretty close to the UC. However it is neither novel nor "ours." I think we both have the desire to find a totally new place and really create a cool space in it. This means finding an empty apartment and going through all the fun planning and outfitting of making it our own comfortable space. This house he's in right now is already furnished, and we'd be sharing it with two other people. Which is totally fine, just not ideal. I think in fact that I would actually enjoy having a few other people live with us for company, however I definately would like to be able to do with the place whatever we liked, and this will be a bit more difficult with housemates.

This Berkeley living seems like it will be an exercise in compromise though, so to not take this house because of these reasons would be kind of stupid I think. So, like I said, the search will continue, but we might very well end up living where Nate lives now.

I really didn't have anything I wanted to write about, but it felt like it was time to upload something new. My enthusiasm for this site has waned a lot, but I'll at least keep it up for people to view. And I'll add stuff every now and then.